My Neck Brace

Yeah…can you believe it….I’m wearing a neck brace now…..

Nothing happend to me. I just have this neck pain problem that’s been bothering me for days. I thought it was my bad sleeping posture that was causing the problem. But the pain got worse later on. I could hardly turn my neck around now. So I decided to go see a chiropractor today.

Doctor told me the problem was my vertebrae joint pinching the nerve and the pain extends to the muscle around the area. It will take several weeks to recover. He suggest me to take ibuprofen, use ice pack on my neck and come back for follow up session 3 times a week (each session costs freakin’ $55!! A115-053 …)

The worst is he asked me to wear this neck brace! Yes! A neck brace! I thought it’s usually for those people who just had car accidents and had their neck dislocated or had broken vertebrae or something…..

But no! I have to wear this neck brace whenever possible!

Doctor even said to me, “Oh! Our neck brace is black. It’s quite fashionable! It doesn’t look that bad!”

Haha….doctor….you’re so funny. A neck brace is a neck brace! How fashionable could it be!!??

Here is a picture of my ugly big fat neck brace! It’s so ugly!

neck brace

Anyway, I just want my neck to get better soon! Not being able to turn my neck around is so annoying! It’s quite dangerous especially when I’m driving!

才說2008年開始要多多運動, 讓身體健康一點.

沒想到才過沒兩星期, 脖子就扭傷了.


就只是有一天早上起床突然發現脖子很酸痛, 不大能轉動.





趁著今天放假, 我決定去附近一家chiropractor看看能不能把脖子調回來



主要原因是脊椎頂端壓到神經, 延伸到附近的肌肉才會引起疼痛




最後, 醫生建議我在家試著冰敷, 吃止痛藥

一個星期還要回去看三次 (看一次病要$55呢! …..真想哭…..-_-|||)


醫生要我戴個頸圈套(neck brace)

就是那種常看到人家車禍後, 套在脖子上肥肥一圈, 幫助固定脖子的套子…



要我整天戴著那種那麼醜的套子, 讓我去死算了!

沒想到, 醫生居然還好整以暇地說, “喔! 我們這個套子是黑色的. 看起來還滿時髦, 不會太醜啦!”

-_-|||…..醫生, 你也太幽默了吧! Neck brace就是neck brace! 哪有什麼時不時髦的!!??

下面這照片就是我的neck brace, 真醜呀! 把我的雙下巴都擠出來了……(嗚~~)
neck brace

不管怎樣, 讓我的脖子趕快好起來吧!