My Calculator Stolen

Urgggg……someone stole my 10 year old TI-85 scientific calculator from my desk drawer at work. I don’t know who did it. But it must have happened when our library opened at night. Usually there are no one around except one student watching the circulation desk.

It’s sad to be sitting at a cubicle that’s open to the public area. I pretty much have no privacy at all. A patron can walk by and see me eating lunch at my desk. I really should’ve been more careful and lock the drawer when I leave work….but I’ve been lazy….  man….I had that calculator since high school…..sorta had some sentimental value with it….

Our head librarian also lost his flash drive. Someone even took out his old laptop and tried to play around with it, moved stuff around on the desktop.

We also found out our front door got egged this morning…..

USC neighborhood is known as the dangerous neighborhood. Every once in awhile we hear students get robbed or held at gun point. That’s why I chose to swtich to the expensive on campus parking instead of the cheaper off campus parking. And I chose to come earlier so I can leave work while it’s still bright. Leaving office at night and walking under the ghetto streets can be really scary~~~