More Dental Problem

sigh..went to the dentist on Monday and discovered I have several new cavities. No wonder my teeth have been hurting these couple days.

Since USC Staff Union pay for our dental insurance, I quickly switched to another dentist closer to my apartment. Being such an experienced dental patient, I pretty much know the drills of a dental appointment. First of all, they would take x-rays of my teeth. Unfortunately I’m known as a “gager”. Whenever they put anything toward the back of my throat, I would start to gag.  So taking a simple full mouth x-ray took at least half an hour for me. I could see the dentist and the technician started to get very impatient with me.

For some reason, this dental office was extremely busy on early Monday morning. After the x-rays was completed and before the film was developed, I sat on the chair for another half an hour with other dentists walking busily back and forth, treating other patients. It was almost an hour after I got to the dental office that the dentist finally got to me. He quickly scan thru my x-rays and looked at my teeth. At first he didn’t see any problems at all. I told him I had toothache on both side of my mouth. He scratched his head and looked closely at the x-rays again. This time he discovered I had a few new cavities and an old fill-ins that need to be replaced. Then he had the technician to explain the pricing with me. I was shocked to see such an expensive treatment on the price list. I thought my insurance paid for a lot of things, including fill-ins, crowns…etc.He explained that my insurance only cover the silver fill-ins. If I want to get the white fill-ins which would look very nice and pretty, it costs $125 per tooth. With such a price comparison, of course I chose the silver ones. But I was a bit unhappy about it. Who knew my insurance had such a hidden agenda? What was the point of having a dental insurance then? I was used to go to those Chinese dentists who would give me lots of discounts. I didn’t know other American dentists would charge this much for small dental procedure.

But on the other hand, if I have healthy teeth I wouldn’t have this problem at all. I really believe teeth problems can be genetically inherited. My whole family have bad teeth. No matter how often I brush my teeth, I would have cavities every time I go to dentists. For other people, even if they don’t brush their teeth and eat sweets all daylong, they still wouldn’t have cavities. It’s so unfair! Anyway, I’m supposed to go back twice to get all those teeth fixed. Let’s hope my toothache would go away as the problems are fixed.

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  1. anit Post author

    It’s always like that… same as the garage and dealer. When you go see dentist, they have to tell you there is cavity and require follow ups. If they let someone go w/o charging them of some services, then the session was wasted on time and effort…..

    Or you can be like me… I haven’t went to dentist for 11 yrs…. just pretending there is no problem 😛 Just hope I won’t suffer when I’m an old lady….

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