Meeting with Reporters

Yesterday several major Chinese newspaper reporters came to our library for a news conference記者會. This was my first time facing the reporters. They came to interview our librarian regarding our recent purchase of Ai-ling Chang (張愛玲)’s hand written letters and to take pictures of her own English manuscripts. Even though I did not have any involvement in this matter, I hang around to help out with the news conference. They even took some pictures of me. Perhaps you’ll see me in newspaper pretty soon (I highly doubt it thou…)

Actually I “accidentally” slip this news to a reporter friend of mine. At first she thought she could do this interview herself and get to see me since we haven’t seen each other a long time. But turned out her co-worker who is responsible for our college news didn’t want her to do it, fearing that she was taking over her territory. So now there is some tension between them. I feel so bad for my friend cuz I really didn’t know how newspaper works. She even asked me to pay compliments to her co-worker to help them ease the tension. However, knowing that I’m not great with kissing up to ppl, I think I just made things worse by stuttered through some awkward explanation….sigh… 

I often thought dealing with scholars, professors, writers, literature people would be the simplest thing because they’re so highly educated and non-competitive. After working in the library for 2 years, I have seen and heard so many bickering and political stories that made me realize things are never the same as they appear to be. There are a lot of shady things and shady people out there in the world. I can only wish I will never be involved in such a mess.