Yesterday we had a 2 hour meeting. And guess what? We spend the last half an hour talking about how we should celebrate our birthdays. Well,this topic started when someone mentioned we no longer get together to celebrate our co-workers’ birthdays. All the librarians are so busy with their own meeting schedule that it’s hard to get everyone together. Whenever we do get together, it’s usually 2 or 3 months past the person’s birthday, which defeats the purpose of birthday celebration. Plus lately, our aggressive-career-driven Korean librarian always invited the top managements to join our parties, which seemed to be so political and we couldn’t really enjoy ourselves when they were around. Some people just want to keep the parties to ourselves.

So they discussed how often we should celebrate. They tried to find out what months we have birthdays, if we should celebrate on the month with birthdays, or every other month to have combined birthday parties. Then some librarians sighed and said going out to eat is too much burdens. Why don’t we just have a little cake or something in the library? Upon hearing that, another librarian got angry. She thinks celebrating someone’s birthday should be coming from our own hearts. If we think it’s too much trouble, we might as well forget about this idea!

I sat there, listened to this heated discussion about birthdays and shook my head. I just couldn’t understand why they made such a big deal out of such a small matter. Birthday parties should be an easy thing to do. It doesn’t have to be this stressful. We could just set a date for the parties and whoever can make it will show up. Why go through all those formalities and make it seem like a requirement? Geez……librarians….they just like to make big issues out of everything….

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  1. hahaha, heated discussion about b-day..that’s something that i have never heard of. well, whoever has the b-day can just call the party…that’s what we do here at my school~

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