Manhattan Beach

Last Saturday was a fun day at Manhattan beach. Thanks for all the friends that showed up! I never worked out as much before! We played some beach volleyballs and threw Frisbee  I also tried to get Homer into the water. All he could do was shaking his legs and yelled “It’s too cold!” Man! What a wuss! The water was undeniably icy cold. But once I soaked myself in the ocean for a few minutes, it actually felt very nice. No wonder some people recommended swimming in winter or take cold shower. It helps you pump up your heart rate and improve your blood circulation.

Later that night, we went to a Japanese Yakitori restaurant in Torrance. All of the waiter yelled loudly together to greet the customers and thank them loudly after the payment was made. It felt like we’re actually in a restaurant in Japan. The restaurant was packed with people. We had to wait for almost an hour to finally get a table.The food wasn’t too bad. Like every other yakitori restaurant  the orders came in small portion so we had to order a lot to fill our stomach. The waiters were unbelievably busy that we had to wait fora long time to get our food. They even forgot to send us one order. After we complained, they apologized and gave us free ice cream, which wasn’t so bad!

There was a group of Taiwanese people sitting next to us. From time to time, they would start playing “划酒拳” (games to play while drinking alcohol). They were obnoxiously loud and noisy. Everyone in the restaurant were eyeing them. After we left, Homer complained that why do Chinese people do that. Turns out right next day, we went to a beer house in San Gabriel with friends, he was acting the exact same way as those people did. Playing games, talking loudly and trying to get people drunk. I wasn’t too happy that he drank so much beer. I also couldn’t help but wonder : is it a Chinese tradition to be loud and noisy to show people are having fun? I just don’t get why do we have to make so much noisy while talking quietly can be just as fun!~confused~ 

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  1. hahaha…. so simpson did the same thing? Yeah, I think in public, especially in a restaurant, they shouldn’t make a scene. But if it’s in the beer house (everyone is drinking there), then it’s ok.

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