LACMA Interview

This morning I had another interview with LA County Museum of Art (LACMA) Research Library. I wasn’t particularly looking for another part time job. I’m satisfied with my current job and don’t ever want to change. However, my trainer, who is the head of our Korean Heritage Library, asked me if I’m interested in taking another part time job. LACMA needs someone who knows Chinese and also understand cataloging. She said she thinks highly of me and she recommended me to them. Hearing her saying things like that makes it very difficult to refuse her. Especially after she said, “You’re single right now! You should have all the free time!”, I just couldn’t think of another better reason to say no. So I half-heartily went into this.

I have never been to LACMA before even though I kept telling myself to check out their exhibitions from time to time. This morning just trying to find their staff entrance was a major task for me. They have many different buildings along Wilshire. None of them are marked distinctively which buildings they are. Fortunately there was a lady who works at their library saw me at the entrance and took me inside.

The interview went well. Apparently they liked me and felt that I have enough qualifications. They asked me when will I be able to start. I wanted to ask them about the compensation and salary, but I just couldn’t find any opportunity to ask. According to all of the interview guides I read before, salary is the one question you are never supposed to ask during interview. So now I really don’t know if I should take this job or not. They only require 1 day a week, so I can easily shift my hours and squeeze my 40 hour full time work at USC into 4 days and work 1 day at LACMA. I’m still young. 10 hours/day shouldn’t be that bad for me. It’s not a bad idea to earn extra cash! The people are very nice and the museum is an ideal working environment. So now the questions are just if I want to give this effort and will the money be worth my time? hmm….decision…decision….

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  1. Wow… are you sure your body can handle that much though? be careful!

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