Jogging 2

Last week I promised myself I need to keep up with my jogging plan. You know what happen yesterday? When I went out to jog yesterday, I ended up…….pulled my muscle…… 

It’s not even my leg muscle. It’s the muscle between my thigh bone and my hip bone. How did I pull my muscle there? I have absolutely no clue. That area has been hurting for awhile due to improper seating posture. I guess the jog exacerbated the problem.

Now I’m walking with a limp cuz it hurts so bad when I walk. Looks like I have to put my jogging plan on a halt now. urgghhghghgh…… 

上星期說好要持續我的慢跑計畫, 沒想到昨天才出門跑沒幾步, 我就……拉傷了我的肌肉. 怎麼搞的啦??!!#(*&$(%^(*&Crying

而且傷處還不是一般大腿小腿筋, 而是位於我大腿骨及骨盆交接的肌肉. 那個地方前一陣子就開始有點不舒服, 我猜還是跟我坐姿不正有關, 沒想到跑個幾步路就傷到它了…..

現在走路一跛一跛的, 看來我的慢跑計畫又要延後幾天了….哇哩咧…..(*&#$*(^(&#$(*#Confused

3 thoughts on “Jogging 2

  1. 我也是右腿的大腿骨及骨盆交接的肌肉拉傷

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you’re injured.  =( I’ve had the exact same problem before.
    Just FYI, if you pulled your muscle, rest it for a couple days, then use warm water (i.e. take bath) will help muscle relaxation. 
    BTW, don’t forget to stretch before you jog.  It’ll greatly reduce sports injury~  =) recover soon!  we can run together!

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