Can you believe it? I started jogging yesterday.

Yes. Jogging! Something I haven’t done since high school PE class.

To help to resolve my back pain problem, doctor suggested me to do some aerobic exercise, such as jogging. I thought since I get off work early and the weather has been pretty nice lately, why don’t I start running after work?

So that’s what I did yesterday. I took out my sneaker that’s been sitting in my shoe cabinet for years, went outside and ran around the block for 10 minutes. Even though it was only 10 minutes, but it was a good start for me. My energy level was much better than I thought, at least I wasn’t dying or anything from the 10 minutes run. Maybe I can increase it to 2 laps or even 3 laps next time.

From my previous experience, I tend to forget about my exercise plan after a month. Who knows how long this jogging plan is going to last this time? I’m keeping my fingers crossed and I hope my back pain will go away soon!

為了想把自己的背痛問題徹底解決, 本小姐決定聽從醫師的建議, 昨天開始實行了七八年來從未做過的計畫…..


是的! 大概從高中時期上體育課到現在就從未跑步過了. 想當年自己以前每天體育課必須要跑1 mile的好體力 (雖說都是落在隊伍最後面), 這幾年來身體狀況每況愈下, 體重也開始直線上升, 衣服褲子開始塞不下去, 才忽然驚覺到自己應該開始好好注意健康了.

所以我昨天下班後穿上運動服, 拿起放在鞋櫃塵封已久的球鞋, 繞著住家附近外圍跑了一圈, 雖說只跑了十分鐘, 但情況比自己預期的好, 體力沒有想像中的差, 看看下回能不能跑兩圈, 甚至三圈四圈.

這幾年來也曾經試著去過健身房, 或在家裡看著DVD練瑜珈或跳有氧, 但都是三分鐘熱度, 從沒有一次持續運動超過1個月. 這次慢跑計畫我也不曉得能夠維持多久, 先跑跑看自己體能怎樣再說囉!