Job Searching

Wow today was very productive for me. I went to talk to a staffing company this morning. They first gave me several tests to test my skills. I think I took A/P, A/R, Excel, Quick Books, General Ledger, and10-key. I did pretty well on A/P, A/R, Excel and 10-key, but I didn’t do so well on Quickbooks and General Ledger. She told me she will call me when there’s something open. Right after I got home, she called me immediately and told me about this Assistant to Controller position at a business management company. It’s located in Westwood and it’s mostly accounting work, exactly what I was looking for. I would be starting next Monday and kind of go through a trial period for one week. If they like me, they will give me a permanent position. So hopefully next week goes well and I will land a job soon!

Funny thing is around the same time, a bank manager called me up too. He’s the manager of one of my friend. Apparently, my friend has recommended me to his boss. So I was scheduled to interview with him next Wednesday. But it’s a sales manager position for a bank and it’s all the way in City of Industry. I felt it’s very far and not what I was looking for. Besides I already took this temp job next week. So I’ll cancel that interview with him.

I was supposed to go in next Tuesday to help out my ex-boss with some accounting from last year. Now I had to cancel that job with her too. She gave a very good references to the staffing company for me. But I guess she still wants me to go back and work for her. So I felt bad about canceling this temp job with her. She didn’t sound that happy when I told her the news either but still congratulated me.

Now I’m very nervous about this job next week. I really hope they’ll like me~~