Jay Chou’s Concert

Jay Chou’s concert was way cool~ I’m not a crazy fan of his and I already went to his concert 2 years ago at Vegas. But since this concert was held at Shrine Auditorium–which is right across street from where I work–I figured might as well go to another of his concert since it was so close! Turned out it was just as awesome as the last one!

Throughout the entire concert, the atmosphere was very high. There were crazy fans screaming and waving their light sticks. During one point, a lot of people rushed to the front of the stadium trying to get a chance to shake his hands. This girl even sneaked onto the stage and gave Jay a hug (she got bombarded with light sticks afterwards though.. ) Under such an intense atmosphere, I even lost my usual cool composure and began to wave my light sticks along with the beat of music and scream like all the other people. It was amazing to see so many of Jay’s supporters here in LA. I know he’s very popular in Asia, but I didn’t expect such a huge crowds here as well. He does have some charms and his music talent is unbelievable. He performed a piano duet with another artist. Seeing both of their fingers fly across the keyboard was just breath-taking!

The things that disappoint me were that he didn’t do that much dance moves as last time. For most of the performance, he would showed off a couple moves and the fans would scream at every cool thing he did. But that was it. Shrine was a lot smaller and older than MGM auditorium. The stage special effects probably weren’t as good as MGM.I paid a lot of money but got assigned to the very last row of 1stfloor. We had to stand on top of our chair the entire time to get abetter view. Nevertheless, I still had a great time!

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  1. no..hee…these were downloaded pictures…but my friend did took a lot of cool pictures…not very clear thou since we sat so far from stage!

  2. did he lip synch last time? I didn’t know….it sounded real to me. I don’t think he lip synch at all…

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