I Voted!

Yes! I voted this year! The 2004 Presidential election between Bush and Kerry seems like a very close game. I felt like I should at least exercise my citizen’s right to make some differences. But I didn’t mail out my registration form until the very last day, so I never received my sample ballot nor my poll office information. This morning, I woke up early to go to the closest poll place around my apartment, which is a church right down the street.

As I walked toward the church, I saw a lot of people around the neighborhood all got up early just to vote. It’s amazing seeing all kinds of people, old or young, different backgrounds and different ethnicity, came together in one place to select the leader for their country. Even the line was all the way out in the street and most people waited at least an hour before finally getting to vote, I did not hear anyone complained. It shows what a disciplined and democratic country America is.

I explained my situation to the volunteers at the office. They looked through their lists but still couldn’t find my name. They told me that I’m in a different precinct and gave me a provisional ballot form to fill out. The ballot is a long scan-tron like sheet. I have to place this ballot inside of a box with the candidate and propositions selections showing on top and use a provided marker to stamp my choices. I felt the marker is more clear than punching card, which caused major confusion in 2000 elections at Florida.

This whole voting experience is new and exciting for me. Now I justhave to wait and see what the result is. As for whom I voted….hee…this will be a secret~

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  1. hey………… I was waiting for “the candidate” you voted while I was reading the whole passage…… 😛

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