I’m on newspaper again

Now that I’ve met a couple reporter friends. Whenever they’re out of topics to write, they would think of random questions to ask me. Then next day I’ll find my name appear on newspaper.

Like this time she asked me : “Since the weather has been so hot lately, do a lot of people go to your library to escape from heat?”

I thought about it : “No. Not really. It’s summer time right now. We actually have fewer students coming in.”

“Darn it! Then I can’t write about it!” She thought for a minute, then asked, “then how do you feel about the weather?”

“Oh it’s very hot. But since I stay in my office all day long, I’m freezing all the time. Our AC is super strong. I always need to wear a sweater jacket.”

And that’s how this article came about. Toward the bottom paragraphs, she wrote:
“The Chinese library assistant at USC East Asian Library, Amber Kuo, said that the school AC is super strong. Since she hardly goes outside, she has to wear sweater at work to resist the “freezing” temperature. She also told us that she used to go out to lunch with co-workers. But it’s just too hot right now. Nowadays she prefer to bring lunch to work, to avoid catching a cold by coming in and out of two environments with different temperatures.”

I didn’t really say those words in the 2nd paragraph. She asked me, “So do you still go out to lunch with coworkers?”

I said, “Not really. I usually bring my own lunch box. I go out to lunch with coworkers occasionally, but not very often.”

She said, “Oh I know! It’s because you don’t want to catch colds by coming in and out of two different environments, right?”

Me : ” …..uhhh….I guess so…..”

I’ve heard that reporters tend to twist meanings and make false assumptions, especially those tabloid reporters. They would take part of the interviewee’s sentences and make up all kinds of stories. Sometimes when I get interviewed, I do get the feeling that the reporter isn’t really listening to what I’m staying, but trying to find words that fit the themes of their stories. Well, at least those topics aren’t anything serious…oh well…