Huntington Library

Haa~Today was such a relaxing day. This morning we had a staff meeting. Then we all went to lunch at this fancy Korean restaurant in downtown to welcome me and say farewell for a fellow co-worker who’s going back to Korea. At that time, I’ve learned that some of the Korean staff decided to go to Huntington Library because they have free admission today. With my supervisor’s permission, I’ve decided to tag along with them. So I didn’t even do any work today. Actually I haven’t been doing anything ever since I’ve started other than receiving trainings.

Huntington Library was packed with people today probably because of the free admission. We looked at the old book collections. We were so amazed how well preserved those 400-500 year-old books are. The paper quality is much better than modern day books. We also toured around the galleries and gardens. Today was a pretty nice day. I’m glad I came along with them and got to take a break from the cold freezing office.I was the only non-Korean staff that went to the Library. Throughout the whole time, I had to listen to others chatting in Korean and tryingto pick up words from their conversation. They joked that when Koreanpeople speak, it sounded like they’re fighting. It’s funny listening to other people speaking different languages.