Hot! Hot! Hot!

What is going on with this weather??? The temperature averages over 100 degrees in Southern California for this past weekend. I couldn’t believe it!

It sucks to live on the top floor without A/C. My little electric fan doesn’t do any good at all when the air is so hot in my room. Our small A/C unit in the living room doesn’t work that well either. I was cooked up in this heat in my apartment yesterday. I had to escape outside to places with A/C.

So yesterday I went to have shaved ice and went to a book store to escape from the heat. Today I went to the library to study. But somehow the library is packed with students today (How come USC students are so studious on the first week of school?) Their A/C is very strong either. I was sweating like crazy inside the library.

Afterward I went to a Korean restaurant to have dinner. The AC in the restaurant isn’t too powerful either. I was sweating while eating my cold noodle. It’s crazy!

I wish this heat wave could pass really soon. If we don’t do anything about the global warming issue, we’ll be facing the same heat problem every summer!

阿~ 熱死啦!Sun

這三天假期LA出奇地熱, 似乎有個熱浪潮, 好幾個地區都超過華氏100度, 偏偏我住的公寓位於頂樓,每天房間被太陽曬得熱死了, 房間裡十分悶熱, 加上沒有冷氣, 光靠電風扇一點也沒有用.

昨天就在家裡快被悶壞了,  只能跑出門到有冷氣的地方躲避一下, 跑去吃了ㄘㄨㄚˋ冰, 還跑去書店逛逛.

今天跑去圖書館讀書, 偏偏學校圖書館人滿為患 (USC學生怎麼一開學都這麼用功?), 冷氣又不強, 坐在窗戶邊被曬得滿身大汗, 晚上去個韓國餐廳吃飯, 偏餐廳裡冷氣也不強, 邊吃涼麵邊冒汗, 這是什麼鬼天氣!!!!

希望這股熱潮趕快過去吧! 如果再不解決這global warming的問題, 我想我們每年夏天都會碰到這種怪天氣的! 

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