Holiday is Coming

Whew…..I’m finally done with my busiest semester ever. Not only do I need to juggle a full time job and an internship, I also had 2 classes which required a lot of group projects and assignments. Call me crazy!! Now finally this semester is over. I just turned in my last paper yesterday. Then I’m done with my internship next Saturday. I can finally sit down and relax a bit!

Christmas is coming! My parents are coming down to spend winter break in Southern California. I really can’t wait! There are so many places I want to show them here but never got to.

Let me see….touristy places I already thought of include: Joshua Tree National Park, Big Bear/Lake Arrowhead, Huntington Library, Descanso Garden, Getty Villa, Old Town Pasadena, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach….etc. The list can go on. I really don’t understand why LA people kept saying there are no places to go. We’re lucky enough we get all these great weathers and great places to go during weekends. I don’t know if I’ll ever get bored with LA.

Jingle bell, jingle bell~~ ” Holiday season is coming~~ I’m so excited!!

2 thoughts on “Holiday is Coming

  1. hey Amber,

    I haven’t signed in my xanga for over a year I think… I’ve been so outdated about everyone’s life.. and as I was reading your recent life, I am so happy for you that your career is going very well!!! senior position and more money! and you’re graduating soon right!! so are you thinking to change your job after you got your master degree?

    Hey, if you ever come to NYC, don’t forget to call me!! 562.453.8386


  2. Thanks, Winnie! Haven’t talk to you in a long time. How are you doing in NY? Are you planning to come back to CA?

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