Hiking & Biking

What a great weekend~ Well I didn’t do anything particularly fun or special! But I felt I have accomplished a lot of things I’ve always wanted to do before!

On Saturday morning we went to hiking on Mt. Wilson at Arcadia.There was this trail along a canyon that leads to a Stuartven Fall at the end. The total walking distance was about 1 mile each way. It took us 2 1/2 hr to finish this hiking trip. When I was little, my dad always took my sister and I to hiking on some of the mountains surrounding Taipei. I really do miss getting back with nature and just enjoy the scenery and fresh air that city does not provide. I’ve bugged Homer many times before about going on hiking here, but we were just too busy or too lazy.

Later in the afternoon, I went out for a little bike ride around Homer’s house. His sister-in-law brought a very nice bike from Taiwan. It’s very light and has 6 different speeds. Acting as a little kid, I hopped onto the bike and went out for a quick ride. What I didn’t realize was there are so many slopes around his house. It was fun zooming down the hills, but it wasn’t that great coming back uphill. I ended up walking my bike all the way from bottom of the slope back to his house.

Now my leg muscle are in pain because of all the leg works I did this weekend! I felt like I have complete one year of exercise in just one weekend~hee~

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  1. OMG!!! Uhhhh…so we were hiking in the same area on Saturday!!! ^o^ But Shadie and I went in early afternoon and went down the side path to Hermit Falls instead of the one you went to…it was quite fun! Hmmm…guess we should have gone earlier and maybe we could have caught up with ya… ^_~

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