Happy 2008

This is such a belated new year update. I just got back from Bay Area 2 days ago from my 11 day winter break and I was still trying to unpack everything. Vacation always seemed too short for me. Now it’s time to get back in reality and start working!

I usually do a yearly review on world news and personal news. I think I’ll skip the news this year. We all know what’s been going on: Iraq is still a mess, Presidential candidates started kicking each other’s butts, Paris Hilton went to jail, Britney Spear got crazier than ever….blah blah blah. We’ll skip the boring part this year.

2007 wasn’t a smooth sailing year for me. I went through the biggest drama in my life. In the end, I was able to pull through the tough part. I learned many lessons and found out more about myself. I was also glad to know I have many great friends and family supporting me. Things began to look much brighter toward the end of the year.

For 2008, I didn’t make any new year resolution. I just want this year to be another peaceful and happy year. Stay healthy and keep up with the exercising (it would be nice to cut another 10 lbs or so). Also wish all of my friends and family to have a nice and smooth year to come. That’s all I’m asking for.

~Happy 2008, everyone~ Wish you all have a great year to come~