Good News

Great news! I got into UCLA’s Master of Library and Information Science program!!

Yesterday when I got home, I saw a small envelope sitting on the table from UCLA. I thought, “Oh no~ Why is it a small envelope? Where is the big admission package?”

I opened the letter anyway, and the first line says: “It is my pleasure….to notify you that we are recommending your admission to our program…” I immediately jumped up and let out a big sigh from my chest. Wow….feel so relieved after 2 months of waiting.

But now I’m kinda facing a dilemma….I have a second choice of applying to Cal State Fullerton which offer the same program. Cal State tuition is definitely cheaper than UCLA (UCLA charges the same rate regardless of full time or part time). They also offer a lot of online courses, which may work out better with my work schedule. On the other hand, UCLA is a much better program and I’m already familiar with the campus, not to mention the close distance from my apartment. So I’m really torn….

Well, no matter what my decision will be, I’m just happy I got in. I had a few doubts in my mind but now everything is clear….future suddenly seems bright….

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