Ghetto Neighborhood

It sucks to work at a ghetto neighborhood. Our library is located at the north end of the campus facing an elementary school. Recently, we have a lot of local students coming into our library to use our public computers. They usually go online to check their personal emails, MySpace, games, or downloading music.

It’s fine if they’re just sitting there not bothering anyone else. But lately we’ve realized they have come into our staff offices and snooped around. I have some of my personal stuff stolen (calculator & make up bag) from my desk. Some of my coworkers have lost some stuff too. My coworkers noticed they always like to sit on her chair and make adjustments to the height.

The worst is they would draw graffiti on our door, on the public computers, even on the bathroom mirror. Sometimes they would trash the bathroom, threw paper towels all over the place, or stuff the sink with paper towels and let the water run. Yesterday I went into the unisex bathroom and found pee all over the toilet seat. Why wouldn’t those people put the seat up and learn to respect public property??!!

The administrator finally decided to lock the computers with password system. Whoever wants to use those computers need to present their USC IDs first. We’ll see how effective this new policy will be.

Last night I had a dream where those local gangs come into our library and realized they cannot use the computers. They got upset and decided to trash our offices. They went into our head librarian’s office and started throwing stuff around. I happened to be working at that time, I went in to stop them. But they turned around and threatened to beat me up. I had to call security on them.

That dream felt so real. I don’t know if it would ever happen. But now I realized how dangerous this neighborhood is. I try not to stay too late at work and I always walk to the parking lot quickly without linger around on campus too long. Geez…maybe it’s time to consider changing job to a better working environment….

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  1. potater Post author

    you’d think education would be a priority on our government’s list with all these crappy folks…. i wonder why the south side of any major city is always the lousy area…i mean…seriously, have you seen southside chicago?! holy s**t! i won’t even go into our patients! anyways…i totally feel you on this one tho.

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