Getting Kicked Out

We just received a shocking news today. We’re being kicked out of our office building!

Apparently the Provost really likes our building and he wants to use our building for some other purpose. He decides the entire East Asian Library will be moved into a corner of the 1st floor inside our main library. I heard the new space is only 1/6 of our current space. There’s no way to accommodate all 14 of us staffs there. Some of us technical staff will be separated from the librarians and move to another technical service department off campus.

I don’t want to move! I really like my current office space, even though there isn’t much privacy. But it’s spacious and comfy. Everyone is so nice to each other. We’re like one big happy family here. I really don’t want to be separated from everyone else…..

Why don’t the top management ever consult us before they make their decisions? They always do this to us, informing us the major decisions at the very last minute. Now we only have 6 1/2 months left before the moving day. During this period, we have to decide what’s the most important collections to move into the main library and send the rest of the books to the storage. We also have to clean up our backlog as much as possible. Oh man….it’s going to be a tough year to come…..