Getting Forgetful

I’m really getting more forgetful these days. Last Monday I forgot to attend our annual staff breakfast. Last Saturday I forgot about my roommate’s boyfriend’s birthday dinner. When I’m chatting online, if I close the window accidentally, I would forgot what conversation we were having 5 minutes ago. What is wrong with me? I used to have very good memories. I used to  remember things that happened 5 years ago and remembered every little details of things I need to do. Now whenever there are somethings I need to accomplish, I have to write them down on post-its, put them on my desk and constantly remind myself. Still I occasionally would forget about them.  Maybe sitting in front of computer 12 hours a day isn’t too helpful to my brains….

4 thoughts on “Getting Forgetful

  1. potater Post author

    i think it has to do with your over-stimulation of the visual cortex, leading to lateral side palsy and reduction of the cerebral sulci. maybe it’s the aggregation of chemostimulants, too, from your optic nerves that affected your gray matter sensitivity.

    or we could just be getting older. -_-

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