Forever 21 Interview

I’ve been sick for the past week…can’t stop sneezing and coughing…now I even lost my voice…*sigh* it’s getting worse everyday..last night I couldn’t get any sleep either..have too much on my mind….I really hope I can get better soon..My parents are coming this weekend with my sister. I also have an interview coming up this Saturday. If I’m still sick by then, I’ll probably go in with a broken voice and talk with a very deep sound…

About this interview, it was a total surprise for me. I didn’t even send out my resumes yet, just post it online. This company contacted me. At first I thought they’re one of those staffing company cuz they’ve been calling me everyday. So I was kinda rude to the person who called me. But she kept on calling and leaving messages on my answering machine. Later on I found out it’s one of a famous retail clothing store that I saw frequently in the mall. It’s actually one of my favorite store. It’s also founded by Korean. The headquarter is located in downtown LA. The job position is for a office assistant. I guess the work is pretty similar to what I’m doing now. But I really want to give it a try. It would be a great opportunity to work in a bigger company with more organization and more social interaction with co-workers. I guess I’ll find out everything on Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Forever 21 Interview

  1. sorry to hear that you are ill. Guess what…me too. I am really ill as well..I lost my voice yesterday and still a little bit today. Good luck on your interview. I’m sure your voice will be back by then. 🙂

  2. Ahoi-hoi! I’ve been having some health issues too…*sigh*…been feeling feverish every night since the first night of the year…I guess being a Ram in the Year of the Rams does give me some problems like superstition says. But I’m sure we’ll all get better soon loh! Cuz there’s no way those minor setbacks can keep us down! Get well soon oh! ^_^

    I’m working for a garment accessories company right now (southeast corner of downtown)…I’m one of those troublesome buyers you had to deal with everyday remember?! ^o^ And guess we both want to change company, cuz I’m gonna start searching again also. And one of my co-workers is already interviewing for a buyer job at Forever21. *shrugs* I’m sure your interview went okay! ^_~

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