Football Rally

Last Friday USC held a football rally for their 2005 national champion victory on campus. Their star athlete Matt Leinart and head coach Pete Carroll were also there. I was hoping to get pictures of them. Unfortunately when I got to the quad, a huge crowd was already standing around the stage. Thanks for being too short, I couldn’t even see past the heads of all those taller people around me. Anywhere higher that could be stood on to get a good peek were filled with people as well. I had to go back and ask my 6″ co-worker to take a few shots for me. But all he could get were blurry images of the people on stage because we were too far from the stage.

At that moment, I saw a familiar face walking through the crowd with a cameraman right behind him. When I saw the famous Channel 7 sign on the camera, I suddenly realized he is Rob Fukuzaki, the Channel 7 sports anchor. He is on the evening news broadcasting sports news almost everyday. Being the only Asian anchor in Los Angeles area, of course I pay more attention to him. It’s very rare to see Asian broadcaster, let alone broadcasting sports news. But I think Rob Fukuzaki does a great job as a sports anchor. He is actually very short in person, but kinda cute. Wearing a sunglasses with a nice looking suit, he occasionally stopped and say hello to those who recognized him. Too bad I didn’t take a picture of him..  Alright, that was my brief celebrity sighting of the year.

Back at the rally, the crowds were chanting “U-C-L-A sucks” along with the marching band drumming.  I really wanted to shout back “U-S-C sucks” but I knew I would be attacked by all those crazy fans around me. UCLA football, get your acts together! I really want to see my school gets into the championship game someday!

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