Flood In Library

First day back to work, I found our library in a mess. Apparently, the non-stop rain storms last week caused our basement to flood. Some of the books stored down there were soaked. When I walked into the library this morning, several huge fans were blowing on full power trying to dry out the moisture in the air. The room temperature was set at 80 degrees. All of the soaked books were laid out on the tables with paper towels placed inside the wet pages.  It was just a mess there. The library had to close today because of the flood.

Later I found out some of my co-workers came in to work last Thursday and discovered the flood. They immediately called the facility people and started gather other co-workers trying to rescue these books. They worked restlessly until close to midnight. One of the co-workers was on her first date while being called in to work. Her date had to cut short. I felt so sorry for her. They also tried to reach me, but I was out of town the entire week.

Now we’re trying to determine if we should threw out some of these damaged books, as most of them were not very important. We also need to assess the damages in order to claim insurance. Because of all the huge fans running and all of our computers were turned on, a fuse blew out in mid-morning and all power were down the entire day. I couldn’t do anything at all without my computer today. It’s all because of the storm’s fault. When can the rain stop?? I really hate this weather!!