Finally Quitting

Well haven’t been updating for awhile. Seems like everyone else have a lot to say…my life is just boring…working…go home…studying…

Well in a month I’ll be leaving my job…yes I’m finally quitting..I’ve been thinking about it since last year..finally made up my mind about it….Surprisingly, my boss didn’t have too much reaction when I told her I’m quitting. She simply said she understands I have things I want to do and most young people change their jobs very frequently. So she was kinda prepared. That actually serves me well. If she tried to stop me or keep on asking me to stay, I would feel even more embarrassed.

So my plan is to concentrate on studying next month, then start looking for accounting jobs after the exam. Yesterday I just got a lecture from our CPA telling me it’s not a good idea to quit at this time. I should’ve find another job before I quit. I knew this is not a very good idea. But I find it very difficult to study and work at the same time. Also there are other factors that caused me to leave this company….those reasons can just be left unsaid….