I just got an email from San Jose State University. They accepted my application for their Library & Information Science Program at the Fullerton campus. (wow…they’re very efficient…I just sent in my application few weeks ago )

Now it’s decision time! Which school do I want to go?



-Better reputation, better program

-More resources and connections



-Expensive tuition (FT and PT pay the same tuition)

-Time consuming, have to spend more time going to campus for classes

-Harder (I heard they have a lot more presentations, group projects…etc.)

-Need to finish 2 extra requirement classes before school begins (which means I have to start taking summer school this year!  )



-Cheaper tuition (almost 50% of UCLA tuition)

-Distance education, most classes are online courses. So I won’t have to take more time off from work

-Easier (well, I heard on line classes require more homework too…but that depends…)


-Comparatively not as famous as UCLA

-A bit far from where I live

Well, I don’t know how library world views the schools you get your master degree from. I don’t think it’s that important once you attain the degree. But I need to find out more info.


2 thoughts on “Decision…Decision…

  1. not to sound diminishing or anything…this is purely due to my ignorance…but why do librarians need master degrees? like…what do you guys learn? i’m really curious…i guess my impression of librarians are still stuck at the people who stamp my books and yell at me for returning it 2 months overdue…:D

  2. Yeah…People asked me that question all the day…..It’s hard to explain over here…I’ll tell you more when we meet 🙂

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