Creepy Things Happened

Something creepy happened this weekend. At Cindy’s funeral, I’ve heard many stories from her relatives about seeing “signs” of Cindy’s presence. Some people said they saw her image in the middle of the night and heard her voice telling them “she’s ok and she’s with God now”. Some also have strange things happened, like their car indication lights went on and off for no apparent reason, or the straps on their dresses switched from the back to the front of dresses. I was a bit skeptical about those stories, because at such circumstances, people can relate any unexplainable things to her. But later that night, I still felt a little scared and couldn’t went off to sleep for several hours.

Last Saturday night I slept on the floor of my parent’s bedroom because we had other guests staying at our house. My dad woke up in the middle of the night to go to bathroom. He saw that I was gone from my bed and he thought maybe I moved to other places to sleep because my mom was snoring loudly. When he told me the next morning, I couldn’t believe it. I woke up exactly in the same place as I slept in the night before and I have no recollection that I have been to other places. He probably didn’t see clearly because he wasn’t wearing glasses and it was dark in the room.  But my dad told me firmly that I wasn’t there and my blankets were missing too.  I only have one memory of sleep walking when I was very young, where I slept in my parent’s bedroom and woke up in a different room the next morning. It never happened again after all these years. If what my dad told me was true, where did I go in the middle of night? Why did I come back to my parent’s room? ummmm….this is too freaky~~