Clipper vs. Rockets

“WE WANT YAO! WE WANT YAO!” Lots of people chanted as the Clipper vs. Rockets game went on in Staple Center last night! Seeing Yao Ming sat on bench for most of 4th quarter, a lot of people weren’t satisfied!

Last night was a big night for me since it was my first time going to a real NBA game at Staple Center. A few months ago, USC Asian Pacific American Student Services advertised group discounted ticket for this game at the price of $15/ea and I immediately signed up for 10 tickets for Homer and his friends. Even though we were assigned to sit at the top section and the people in the basketball court seemed so small, we still got a clear view of the whole stadium.

This was the first time I’ve ever been to Staple Center! It is so cool inside! With 4 huge screens showing hanging in the center, lots of commercial TV banners hanging around the sides, and many different levels of sitting areas, the entire Stadium seems grand and glamorous tome.

The purpose of going to the game for me was to see Yao Ming. I was never a big fan of basketball. But ever since this 7″6′ Chinese basketball legend came to US, I have noticed his every game and every action. Not only was he among the very few Asians able to make it into NBA, but his talent and skills which helps him ranked #2 below Shaq won him lots of supporters. Last night, these crazy fans sitting behind me kept on yelling, “I love you Yao! We want Yao!” His performance last night was pretty good. He had three emphatic blocks and two dunks, with one of the dunks being a powerful facial. He ended up with 12 points, 10 rebounds and 4 blocks in just 22 minutes of action. However, the ref gave him 5 personal fouls and he ended up sitting on bench most of 4th quarter. I was a bit disappointed not able to see him play more! But it was still exciting to be able to see him in person. Man! He was like a giant compare to his other teammates. He was at least one head taller than anybody in the court. At the end, Rockets blew out Clipper with score of 102 to 79.

Here is a little bio of Yao Ming:

Name : Yao Ming

Birthday : 12, Sep 1980
Zodiac Sign : Virgo
Blood Type : A
Height : 226cm
Weight : 134kg

NBA Position: Center
Team at China : Shanghai Sharks
Team at NBA : Houston Rockets
Education: Shanghai Sports College
Hometown: Shanghai, China

Favorite Color : Blue
Favorite Animal : Dog
Favorite Food : Banger, Tomato, Food by Mama
Favorite City : Shang Hai
Favorite Actor : Denzel Washington
Favorite Movie : La Grande Vadrouille
Interests : Computer Game, Internet Suffer, Music, Reading
Yao’s Idols : Barkley, Sabonis Arvydas, Hakeem Olajuwon