Christmas Vacation

My Christmas vacation was awesome! I went back to the Bay Area and bonded with a lot of family and friends that I haven’t seen for a long time:

Christmas Day : went to my uncle’s house and saw both of my cousins home for the holiday. One goes to an art school in Maryland and the other attends a music school in Boston. I haven’t seen both of them in years! It was wonderful to see them again. We played pokers until late at night.

Two days before New Year : met up with two of my high school buddies. One even brought her new boyfriend to the dinner. But the embarrassing thing was we bumped into my mom in the same shopping plaza. She ended up having dinner with us. It was kinda weird having a mom there at a friends gathering. But she treated us for the dinner, so it was still pretty good.

New Year’s Eve : went to San Francisco for count down with church friends. We planned to go to Embacaderro to see fire works. But we got there 3 hours early, so we all decided to go to bars to hang out. After we went to 2 different bars and finished drinking, it was already11:50. When we we approached the harbor,  the police blocked part of the streets because it was too crowded at the harbor. Our views were blocked by a tall building right in front of us. I could hear the sound and saw the smoke of the fire works, but couldn’t see the actual fire work. I was so disappointed that I didn’t see the fire works. But I got to hang out with friends and experienced the New Year’s eve atmosphere in SF. It was an unforgettable experience.

New Year’s Day : picked up my junior high school friend from San Jose and spend two days showing her around my house. She came to the States for vacation right before New Year’s eve. I was so happy to see her. She is the first classmate that came to visit me from Taiwan! I took her to Berkley and also showed her my high school and junior high in Danville. She has a very cheerful and optimistic personality, completely opposite of me. With her around, I did a lot of crazy things I’ve never done before : like walking in downtown Berkley at night, eating ice cream in a cold rainy weather (avg 30-40 degrees), talking to total strangers and take pictures with them. What amazes me about her is she could initiate conversations with anyone she bumped into, whether it be the ice cream store owner, a biker on the street,or students walking around campus. She could just have a pleasant converstaion with anybody even though her English isn’t that fluent. It’s something I could never do. She is planning to move to the States sometimes this year for study abroad. If she can get into the schools in California, I would finally have a friend from Taiwan close to me!!

The day after New Year : picked up my cousin from the airport. His company sent him over to receive work training for two weeks in San Jose area. He came a bit early so he could spend a little time with my family before my sister and I had to leave for Southern California. We took him to San Francisco on Saturday. Even though we always lived faraway from each other, he is one of the closest cousins I have in Taiwan. Over these years, we kept in touch by letters, emails or online message services. It was great to see him again!

Now vacation is over. Have to come back to reality and start working again! But it seems like I have a very pleasant beginning in 2004, I believe this year would be a great year to come~~