Beach BBQ

My Birthday Beach BBQ last Saturday was fantastic! Thanks for everyone who showed up!  I anticipated more people to come so I prepared a lot of food. Still got lots of leftovers. I guess I’m ready to have another BBQ…

The weather has been chilly for the last couple of weeks. Fortunately last Saturday was a bright Sunny day and the temperature was just about right for a nice Beach outing. God must have heard my prayer!

Funny thing is that I hardly talked to any of my friends for more than 5 minutes during the whole time. I was busy running around and making sure things are running smoothly. Are the BBQ guys needing more help? Were the food all being cooked? Is anyone needing more food? Is everyone socializing with each other and having fun? Hosting a BBQ event really wasn’t that easy. But afterwards everyone told me they had a lot of fun. They threw Frisbee, football and played dodge ball together. As long other people were having fun, then I’m happy!