Bad Interview

Well, as it turns out, the interview I had last time wasn’t that great. I got there 15 min early on a Saturday morning and no one was there. The manager who interviewed me was 1 hr late. I had to stand outside and waited for him. Fortunately there were some other workers who had to work overtime on Saturday and also got locked outside. She happened to be a friend’s friend. She didn’t recommend me to that company though because it’s a Korean company and only Koreans get noticed there. Since it’s a big company, there is a lot of politics going on. A lot of the time the departments don’t help each other. So it didn’t sound that great.

The interview was kinda stupid also. He didn’t even ask me any questions. He just went right to “so if I offer you such and such position will you accept?” I guess they’re desperately needing people. The manger kept on answering his cell phone while interviewing me. I thought that was kind of rude. He offered me 3 different position, but they’re mostly data entry type of jobs with much lower pay and a lot of overtime. There is one Production coordinator position which pays about the same I’m getting now. But later the manager told me straightly that I’m not a good communicator and I’m better off working at the PO department entering PO’s. I have to admit what he said was true but I just felt kinda degraded. It’s not a good feeling. So this week I quickly turned down their offer.