Advice to Future Librarians

這是另外一篇好笑的文章, 給即將要唸圖書館系的研究新生:

Avoid cataloging classes; they will be pointless. 千萬別拿編目課程, 很沒用的課

In papers that you write, cite papers your professors have published. 寫報告時, 記得提教授寫的文章

Take an internship or practicum. 試著找實習機會

Ninety percent of what your teachers teach you is theory that does you no good in the workplace; do your best to forget it after you leave school. 百分之九十的時候教授教的理論都不會在工作上用到. 畢業後請全部忘掉學校學的東西

Ask your teacher why a public library uses the Dewey cataloging system as opposed to LOC, then doodle for the next three hours while they explain it. 問教授為何公立圖書館只用杜式編碼, 而不用國會圖書館書碼, 然後等教授花三小時的時間解釋時做白日夢

Buy a laptop and play FreeCell during lectures. 買個筆記型電腦帶去上課玩遊戲

Join ALA. It will make you feel important. 參加全美圖書館員協會, 讓你自己感覺更重要

Libraries don't do, librarians do. 圖書館不做事的, 是圖書館員在做事

Take online classes and have the cheap thrill of going to classes in the buff. 上網路課程, 享受不用開車去學校上課的樂趣

Two weeks working in a library will give you more experience than two years in graduate school. 花兩個星期的時間在圖書館工作會比花兩年時間在學校唸書更有用

Gain as much computer knowledge as humanly possible—this will put you ahead of so many other librarians. 學習很多電腦知識, 會讓你比其他圖書館員更先進

Letters to the editor do not count as professional publications and will not impress the instructor. 寫信給雜誌編輯不算是專業出版著作, 也無法得到教授的肯定

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    熱愛倒還好啦, 但我想說既然選擇這個行業, 就好好地去喜歡認識它.

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