3 Bands in One Night

Last night Homer and I went to House of Blues to hang out and enjoy some live music. When I first purchased the tickets, I realized there were 3 bands performing last night. But I didn’t realize it was going to take 4 hours long. The concert lasted from 8 pm till midnight. We were bombarded by the loud music that we were almost deaf and we were too exhausted toward the end as well! Perhaps it means we’re both getting old!

House of Blues on Sunset is a wooden building with many different levels. It has a large music hall with another smaller Fountain room concert hall on top level and restaurant open for public.The concert we went to last night was at the large music hall. When we walked into the door, we saw a huge stage on the center with a large dance floor right beneath it. There are bars and lots of standing rooms on the other 3 sides of the wall. On the second floor, they had an area with tables and stools where people can sit and watch the show directly from above, but you have to order food in order to sit in this area. We decided to sit in this area and get a full view of the show from 2nd floor. We also ordered calamari as our finger food, but as most of my friends had told me before, their food wasn’t so great!

The first band was called “Mama Sutra”. They are a 4 people band with a female lead singer. I actually enjoyed their music, which is funk with new school digital techniques. The singer’s voice was great! ( www.mamasutra.com ) Lots of people joined in with their music tempos on the dance floor.Their performance lasted one hour and then the crews had to clean up the stage for next performance, which took about 20 min.

The second band was “Brother Love”, which was a band with 5 males. At first I thought their music was a bit of country and light rock, but later on they picked up more beats and the music got faster and louder. After 2 hours of listening to rock music, my sleepy bug hit me and I began to yawn and lose concentration. So I wasn’t paying much attention to their performance. Frankly I didn’t really enjoy their music that much. Towards the end it was all screaming voices and loud drums. I couldn’t tell what the melodies were anymore. But I also wanted to wait for the main performance of the night that was coming up later, so I stuck around until the end.

At last, the finale of the night was performed by this singer David Boyles, who came from North Carolina and his singing carried a bit of southern accents and mix of soul/rock/pop styles. But oh man, he is so cute! I bet all of the women there last night were hypnotized by his charm and his gorgeous look! (to get a peek at his pics go to www.davidboyles.com ) However, Homer and I felt he act a bit gay on stage…-_-||| We couldn’t finish his show because it was too late and we need to get up early for work. Nevertheless, we both thought he was the best performer out of all 3 shows. His music was very different and the way he carried his songs into the audience was amazing. I think he also has his album out. So anyone interested can go check it out!

After a night like this, I realized I’m just too old for this kind of night life. I set out to enjoy LA night life, but ended up torturing myself and not getting enough sleep. I saw all these young girls dressed in halter tops and moving their bodies with the music last night. I just wish I can be young and have their energies again! man oh man~

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