After talking about it for several times, Homer and I finally went to see “Troy” last Friday. Many people have recommended this movie tome and talked about how cute Brad Pitt was in the movie. After I’v eseen the movie, yes, hands down, Brad Pitt is the sexiest man I’ve ever seen! He looked very fit and buff in the movie. I’ve never seen him in an action movie before. The way he ran and shoot spears made his character, Achilles the greatest Greek Warrior, even more believable!

But on the other hand, both Homer and I didn’t felt the movie itself was that great. I’ve never read the book but heard bits and pieces about the story. So I knew how long the movie will have to be. Still we both felt bored during the middle of the movie. They kept on repeating the war and funeral scenes. Mostly it was just people killing each other. I didn’t like the ending that much too. Why did all the heros die while the coward live? (oops..sorry to spill the ending ) I knew most of the Greek mythology end in tragedy, but still it was very hard for me to accept such an ending.

We also discovered an interesting fact. Orlando Bloom held his arrows and shoot exactly like how he acted in Lord of the Rings. It was like seeing Legolas appearing again without the long golden hair. We thought it would be interesting to have Viggo Mortensen (the guy who played Aragon in Lord of the Ring) play Prince Hector. With King Aragon and Legolas, how could Troy lose to Greek?