I finally watched the movie that all of my friends recommended: Transformers . Before this movie came out, I didn’t even know what transformers are. Sorry guys. I’m a girl. I played with Barbi when I was growing up, not robots. So I wasn’t too interested in watching this movie, thinking that it might be another violent action film. But after hearing people raved about it, I got curious and finally went to theater to watch it this past Sunday.

As it turned out, Transformers is a movie about robots fighting each other. The story line is just as predictable as ever. The good fights the evil and all of the bad guys are defeated in the end. But the special effects and action sequences are very good. I was clinging onto my seats and jumping up and down while watching robots flew out of nowhere and shoot each other with missiles and rockets. I guess….action movies are just too exciting for me. I almost had a heart attack in the theater.

I would still give this movie an A- rating for its superb special effects. The chick is hot too (just like all the guys have told me). But I guess action film is just not my type of movie.

男生小時後有看過”變形金剛”或”無敵鐵金剛”之類的卡通應該會喜歡這部片. Transformers是美國今年暑假打的熱門大戲. 我在電影院裡看到許多小男生排隊等著看Transformers.

很可惜的,我是個女生. 小時後只愛玩芭比娃娃不愛玩機器人. 所以這部片上映時我一點都沒有興趣看. 後來是聽了許多朋友誇耀說這部片有多好看,基於好奇心之下我才跑去看.

看完之後,正如我所想的,是一部機器人打機器人的動作片. 故事情節及結局都在預料之中, 好人打壞人,最後好人戰勝一切. 不過特殊效果真的還滿不錯的, 我在戲院裡看到心臟病快發作,好幾回都差點從椅子上跳起來. 我猜動作片對我來說還是太刺激了.

整體來講,我會給這部片A-. 但是我想我還是不適合看動作片, 還是回去看我的愛情文藝片好了.

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  1. mav1178 Post author


    Not all the bad guys are defeated!

    1) Scorponok is not defeated (the scorpion-machine). He is hiding.

    2) Starscream flies away at the end of the movie (in the end credits).

    3) Expect a couple of sequels.

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