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Alright! The first season of “The Apprentice” is officially over. This TV show created such a buzz throughout the nation. Half of the people in this country tuned in to last night’s season finale and saw Bill got hired as Donald Trump’s first apprentice. He will take on a big project supervising the construction of a 90-story 5 star hotel/residential building in Chicago.

I always favor Bill from the very beginning. He stood out among all those contestants. He was sharp, intelligent, had great leadership skills and management styles. He also had a great track records of 2 wins and no losses when he lead as project manager. I felt Kwame did not have as much advantages as Bill had. From very early on, Kwame gave me a very laid back feeling. Although he had a Harvard MBA degree and was equally intelligent, he did not know how to confront conflicts among his employees. Knowing when to hire great employees and fire bad employees are a very important aspect of being a leader.

I was actually surprised that Kwame was the final two contestant. I always thought it would be either Troy or Amy to compete with Bill in the final round. Troy was very charismatic, creative and had a lot of natural business instincts. He didn’t have any formal college degree but he overcame the lack of education by building a lot of business experience. Nevertheless, Donald Trump probably felt education was also an important factor in choosing his apprentice. So he ended up choosing Kwame the Harvard grad over Troy the wild cat. Amy, on the other hand, had always been Donald’s favorite from the beginning. She had only been to board room once during the entire show and she was the only female contestant to the end. Too bad that none of Donald’s advisers liked her. I don’t know if sex had anything to do with it. But I also heard rumor said that Donald Trump personally offer her another position. Let’s see if she would take the position working for Donald.

This season has been pretty fun to watch. Hopefully the next season of Apprentice can be as entertaining as this one.

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  1. hehe yea I watched it too… but I was secretly rooting for Kwame cuz he’s such a calm person

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