Sideway & Kill Bill vol.1

Watched 2 DVD’s last night. I know those movies have been out quite some times now. Just want to write out the reviews here:

This movies depicts an one week bachelor trip between a divorced English teacher and failed writer, Miles, and his buddy, Jack, who just wants to have the last minute of fun before his wedding. As they’re both reaching middle age and have not achieved much in their lives, these two searched for their identity while exploring the California wine country on the road trip.

I actually got a little depressed watching the main character, Miles, even though this movie is supposed to be a light comedy. He was devastated and depressed since his divorce 2 years ago. He tried to write but couldn’t get any publisher to publish his novel. His negative attitude affected his life in every way, including his relation with women. I was thinking,”Gosh, what a loser!” But then again, I can understand why a person becomes like that after going through so many misery in life, and I gradually gained sympathy for Miles.”Sideways” won 2 Oscar awards, including best adaptive screenplay. Underneath the light story narration and humorous atmosphere, there is a lot of deep thought-provoking meanings in it. A wonderful film that you may enjoy on a Saturday afternoon.

Kill Bill vol.1
People who are familiar with Quentin Tarantino’s film would recognize this movie is totally his style: plots jumping back and forth, unusual cinematography, a lot of blood and violence, and lots of black humor. When I heard there are a lot of blood showing, I thought this was a scary movie and I waited ’till yesterday to finally watch it. It turns out to be pretty interesting. Some parts with the blood oozing out of the bodies were actually pretty funny!

Uma Thurman plays a skillful assassin who wanted to leave the dark world and start her own family. But his old pals, the deadly squad of international assassins,do not let her go easily. They killed all of her loved ones and beat her nearly to death on her wedding day. When the poor bride finally woke up from her coma, she could only think of revenge, kill everyone who took part of the murder.

The movie combines many different genres, 70’s  movie style, 30’s black & white film style, Hong Kong kung fu movie styles, and Japanese animation. The background music is very interesting too. Some of them bring resonance in my head for hours afterwards. There are a lot of action, sword fighting, and cutting off people’s body parts. It was pretty cool to see a blond chick kicking all the men’s ass. Vol. 1 only shows the revenge of 2 assassins. So I probably have to go rent Vol. 2 to finish the story!