Watched another DVD yesterday, “Ray”. After reading so many great reviews about this film, I expected it to be very heart-warming and touching. But it was only a straight forward biographical movie. Still a great movie though. Jamie Foxx did a superb job portraying this legendary musician. He captured Ray Charle’s greatest essence by mimicking his accent, gestures, walking postures and even singing voice. He truly deserved an Oscar award for his performance.

The movie describes Ray Charle’s earlier years. From his poor background as a southern black boy with blind handicap growing up in Florida, to venturing out to Seattle and gradually build up his fame as a jazz musician, and later his successful music career. I was surprised that most biographical movies only talk about the good things of the person, but “Ray” also focus on his negative sides, such as his struggle with drug addiction and multiple relationships with women. I find this aspect to be more truthful. After all, no one is perfect. Even the legendary musician would have his downfalls. But Ray determinedly kicked his heroine addiction and triumphantly came back to create more wonderful records. It shows what an extraordinary person Ray Charles is.