Ocean’s Thirteen


Finally got time to watch a summer blockbuster movie at its opening weekend. Overall, not a bad movie.  Not too many surprises and dramas in the movie. Solid story line and lots of humorous dialogues. However, I still like the original Ocean’s Eleven though. There isn’t that many movies out there that could gather all those big shot Hollywood actors together. With Brad Pitt & George Clooney standing together….hmm..yeah…

Movie Rating: B+

2 thoughts on “Ocean’s Thirteen

  1. Oooh cool… I’m glad you think it’s good. I hated 12, so hopefully I’ll like this one more.

  2. B+? that hunk of a meat called Clooney (I mean, that person named Georgey Clooney) should make this movie an A+!

    But I know how you dislike gambling. 🙂

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