Lord Of The Ring : Return Of The King

Watched “Lord of the Ring : Return of the King” this past weekend. The way I feel about “Lord of the Ring” is that it’s just like the Star Wars of our time! So many people are crazy about it that they even dressed up like the characters. Fans would line up in front of the movie theaters to catch the first show. I would say it’s definitely the best movie I’ve ever seen!

Before I saw the movie, I already finished the book and knew about the ending. I was just curious how the movie reflects the book. Turns out they were quite similar except some minor details. For example, the movie emphasized more on Arwen and Aragon’s relationship while the book hardly talked about it at all. Also in the book, there was extra ending about Frodo and Sam fighting the strange outsiders occupied their village. This part was cut out from the movie too.

Some people thought this movie was too long (3.5 hour). A lot of people didn’t like the ending either. They felt it should’ve ended when they finished the battle. But as for me, I didn’t really feel the movie was that long. I was totally mesmerized by the stories that I hardly felt the time passing. Also because I have read the book, I felt the extra ending are necessary to be added in the movie. The entire movie was about this hopeless journey for Frodo to destroy the powerful evil magic ring. Both Frodo and Sam knew they have to complete their mission and there might not be a trip back home. But miraculously they finished what they were set out to do and also made it back home. I also think it’s necessary to give people the details about what happen to everyone after the battle. Or else viewers would be wondering what comes after the battle and how does this whole thing affect each of the characters. At the very end of the movie, Sam looked around his village and said with a sigh,” Yes, I’m back.”. I think this sentence marks the complete end to the story. I don’t think this story is finished until he said that.

Anyway, it’s just some of my opinions. I really loved this movie. I think I’m going to get the DVD sets when they come out!

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  1. Pikacheese Post author

    Here here! I totally agree with you! ^_^

    A lot of people who’s seen the movie thought the last half hour was a little “out there” and had nothing to do with the story and all. And I didn’t find out until I watched the movie two weeks ago (all cuz of waiting for Alb to get back to US!…but that’s another story…) , and I totally didn’t understand why I heard all those negative reviews about the ending! I mean, all the violence and gore of a war movie is fine with me (I was quite taken by the massive war scenes as well), but the theme of “the returning soldier” is too rarely depicted by the entertainment industry because it lacked the high excitement and “magical touch”…so the movie-makers believe they’re anti-climatic…which is true for emotional sake. But casting aside the aftermath and affects of war is totally unrealistic! I mean, didn’t anybody wonder what happened to all the people involved in all the war movies and conflicts? To think that things are just going to return to normal or following the “happily ever after” type of cliche is too much for me. So that’s why I actually liked having that last part of the ending — it’s quite refreshing. And, of course, keeping in mind the background of the author, I could imagine how much closer to reality things are presented…with characters out of place after the conflict…with personalities changed since the battle…with facing rejection from the norm and the masses…with the rare few who can truly move on…with the ones who must leave the wonders they have protected and saved for the sake of preservation…wow…all those are conveniently ignored themes that should be explored more often! ^_^

    But any hoot! Hahaha…yeah, I liked the trilogy lots and lots…hmmmm…so I might even go out and buy the trilogy when it comes out too! Wow…actually an official copyrighted movie in my collection! ^o^

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