I Want To Be A Hilton

Forsome reason, I started watching this reality show “I want to be a Hilton” last night. It’s hosted by Kathy Hilton, Paris and Nicky Hilton’s mom and it’s about a group of common citizens trying to live the life of the rich socialites. I gotta say, it’s one of the most boring shows I ever watched. I couldn’t understand why I was watching it.

Basically, the show is very similar to Donald Trump’s”Apprentice”. The contestants are split into two teams, trying to compete in weekly challenges. Whichever team loses, someone from the team will get kicked out. Last night’s episode showed that they had to host a sale and auction of Hilton’s donated household items and the proceeds would go to the benefit for breast cancer. Of course, like most other reality shows, there were dramas and conflicts among the team members. At the end, Kathy Hilton sat down with the losing team, talked to them, and then came up with a list of the members who get to stay on the show. I honestly don’t know what kind of quality she’s looking for to be a Hilton. Unlike “Apprentice”, where the perfect candidate has to be business savvy and aggressive, I don’t know if there’s any distinctive characteristics to become a member of the high society. Really, I feel this show is based on nothing!

Paris and Nicky Hilton were on the show last night. Same as usual, they came in with the limousine, wearing main brand dresses, flailing around like they’re big time celebrities. I know everyone pays more attention to Paris. She’s very hot and beautiful, grabs each man’s eyes as she walks by. But I actually like Nicky better. Unlike her sister, she’s more reserved and not as flamboyant. Currently Nicky works as a fashion designer and has her own clothing line. Of course it’s only because of her background that she gets to have her own brand at such young age, but at least she has a goal and is working hard toward it.

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  1. popoapple Post author

    I wonder if NY/NJ has this show? When’s the show time? I haven’t been watching TV for so long… and now I’m gonna try my tvbox. Oh, you know what, one of my classmate actually works for Nicky Hilton! sounds like her own brand is doing pretty well!

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