No, I did not go to Chicago. But I visited the great jazz era of Chicago by seeing the musical. Thanks to honey who sacrificed his savings for this perfect valentine gift!  It is one of my dreams to see all of the famous Broadway shows. Not living in New York is certainly one disadvantage, but so far I managed to see “Phantom of the Opera”, “Miss Saigon”, “Les Miserable”, “Lion King”, and “Mamma Mia.” Each one has its unique music style and stories that bring great memories~ Now I know there are more musicals coming to LA this year, such as “Evita”, “Aida” and “The King and I”. Man, I want to see them all~

Before the show started, a women dressed in black bikini and black nylon walked onto the stage and said to the audience,”Ladies and gentlemen, you’re about to see a story with murder, greed, corruption, violence, adultery and treachery.” These words perfectly describe what Chicago is about . If you’ve seen the movie, it’s exactly the same except the musical presented on a stage instead of a screen. It’s still fast-paced and there’s no director editing out the unwanted scenes. Everything was moving rapidly in front of your eyes. I was very impressed by how the actors dance, jump, do cart wheels and don’t bump into each other on such a smalls pace. They even put the entire band on stage too, which is very different from all the other musicals I’ve seen. But the actors managed to interact with the maestro and the band section, which I thought was very smart.

Many talented actors played in this show, including Patti La Belle and Gregory Harrison. I didn’t know who Patti La Belle was, but everyone seemed to recognize her and cheered when she came on the stage. Damn,that women can sing! When she hit the high notes and did all the spinning and twisting of her voice, my goose bumps all went up! Reading her credit, I realized she has won several Grammy Awards and starred in many Broadway shows before. Gregory Harrison played the greedy lawyer Bill Flynn. He has a great voice too. The females leads who play Roxie and Velma were both excellent. I can never believe how they can dance and sing together without ever taking a breathe. No wonder they’re professionals.

The music was very jazzy. I love those kind of music that just make you want to dance along with each beat. My favorites songs include “Funny Honey”, “Roxie” and “Class”. Chicago is now being played at Pantage Theater on Hollywood Blvd. Tickets can be purchased at

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  1. Sounds very entertaining. You should start writing reviews for all the shows hehe. Glad you had a great time.

  2. maybe it’s time for you to visit chicago for reals then! 😉 pete and i are waving all ya cali folks down!

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