Web 2.0 時代

如果你和我一樣是個成天喜歡待在電腦前面的宅女, 也喜歡用網路和朋友聯繫, 那你應該會喜歡下列這些Web 2.0新時代的網站:

If you’re a geek like me who spend most of the time in front of computers and enjoy connecting to friends online, you might enjoy the following Web 2.0 sites:

Friendfeed – 這個網站能夠把你其他Web 2.0網站的內容連結在一起, 像是你的個人部落格, Youtube新放的影片, Yelp新添加的食記, 都會即時在FriendFeed上面顯現出來, 讓你的朋友不用到處去找你新放上網路的作品, 可以全部直接在這個網站上看到.A way to connect with friends, discover what your friends are sharing, and share your stuff from other sites automatically. You can connect lots of stuff that you update constantly all within one site, such as yelp, flickr, twitter, youtube…etc.

Twitter – 臺灣好像聽說也有滿多人開始使用Twitter. Twitter 就像個迷你部落格, 你只需用寫一句話讓你的朋友知道你的近況就行了. 最大的功能就是它可以把馬上把你的最新消息傳送簡訊給你的朋友. 我前一陣子去參加一個圖書館展覽會議. 聽說當天有許多人都是利用Twitter來找尋朋友的蹤跡. 滿酷的. Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? You can receive instant updates from your friends through text messages sent to your cell phone.

Facebook – 這我應該不用多做介紹啦. Facebook的成名就好比當年Friendster, MySpace突然一爆而紅一般. 許多人突然紛紛一齊加入, 拼命加新的朋友在自己的網頁上. Facebook吸引人的地方是它們有許多有趣的程式可以加在個人網頁上. 像說你可以養寵物, 和別人玩遊戲, 填問卷調查等等. 很多人一加入Facebook便上癮了, 成天待在Facebook上面和朋友聊天. Facebook的成功大概可算是Web 2.0的代表.No need to introduce this. Lots of people already using it. Apparently Facebook is the new Friendster and much more. They have very interesting applications that makes your online profile much more exciting.

Flickr – Flickr是許多攝影師鍾情的網路照片網站. 它們設計的傳送照片程式十分簡便好用, 網頁也做得很清晰明瞭, 你還可以利用它們的編輯工具在網路上編輯整理自己的相片. 是個有多功能用途的攝影相片網站.Flickr has been the most popular online photo sharing website for awhile. Lots of photographers like to use this site for their easy uploads and unlimited storage space. Their photo editing functions are very simple to use.

Youtube – Youtube我也不用多講了吧. 現在最紅的影音影片分享網站. 幾乎任何好看的日劇, 台劇, 綜藝節目都可以在上面找到. 也可以看到一些好笑的廣告影片或個人家庭影片. I don’t think I need to say much about youtube. This is the most popular online video clip sharing websites that thousands of people subscribe to. You can view all kinds of video clips, including TV dramas, family vacation videos, or funny clips, all within this site.

LinkedIn – 這是個比較專門給上班族, 生意人使用的網絡聯繫網站. 做生意的人可以經由朋友或商場上認識的人來跨展自己的社交圈, 也可以讓人明瞭你的工作背景經驗等等. A professional network that help you connect to your business contacts or with people you know professionally.

上面這幾個網站我都有加入, 如果你也有加入的話別忘了加我喔!