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This is my new Chinese blog that I just recently set up. Even though I had MSN as my other Chinese blog, but I never really like their functions and displays. Just like Xanga, Wretch has more open source functionalities and allows ccs or rss feeds. Not like I know anything about those online coding stuff. But having more functions allow me to be more creative with my blog pages.

This blog will mainly be in Chinese since I set it up for my friends and family in Taiwan to view the updates about my life. My Xanga will remain to be my English blog for my friends here.

Now why do I have so many personal blogs?

Because I’m bored!!


Nah…I’ve been reading other people’s blogs online. Some of them can be so creative with their blogs. They posted their photography work, art works or comic strips, and funny writings that draw hundreds of subscribers. I wish I can be as creative as they are. Some of them even published books with their blogs.

Well, I felt that blogs are just a space to express ourselves. We get to voice our opinions and ideas in this virtual world without worrying about offending other people. I always enjoy writing since I was young. Blogs would be a great place for me to practice writing and share my life with my friends and family.

Well, hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog in your spare time! I’ll try to keep up with it from time to time!


開這個部落格最主要是給我台灣的親戚朋友閱讀, 讓他們了解我在美國的生活情形. MSN我還會繼續用, 不過只限制於寫一些比較私人的事情, 所以我也會把權限設在只給MSN上面的朋友看. 另外一個Xanga主要是寫給講英文的朋友看的.

從很久以前就很不喜歡MSN的界面, 功能極少又難用. 無名的功能比較多元化, 我可以利用他們的open source及css功能製作出不同背景顏色的部落格, 也能夠增加許多照片及影像.

你們一定覺得我很無聊, 沒事開這麼多部落格幹嘛?? 本小姐就是太閑了嘛!

其實近來看了許多網路上流傳的部落格, 好多人的部落格都作得十分新鮮有趣, 看到有些人會加入自己的攝影作品, 繪畫或漫畫, 及小說散文寫作, 有些人甚至能夠靠部落格出書, 真的還滿有趣的. 很想自己也來試試看.

我從小就愛寫作, 部落格正好是個能夠讓我發揮創造力的地方. 讓我能夠在這虛擬世界裡大聲地說出我的想法, 而不用擔心別人的眼光.

有空的話請前往參觀! 別忘了簽我的留言本喔!

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  1. hi amber, i stole a picture from your wretch blog and used it on my xanga… hope you don’t mind =)

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