I just came across this girl’s blog, HeyChristine.com . She is a 34-year-old Chinese American who has traveled and work both in Asia and US. She started this dotcom company, Oriented , which is an international network that brings together all those interested in Asian cultures, businesses and socioeconomic developments for networking and information exchange. They have management teams base in Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Bay Area and New York. One of their signature service is the Oriented Happy Hour, where they bring together Asia-oriented professionals to network and social together.

In her blog, she wrote how she single-handedly started this company, created the business strategic plan, developed goals, and came up with sales tactics that keeps the company growing each year. I’m really impressed by that. She has all the qualities of a modern business woman: intelligent, business-savvy, goal-driven, fun-loving and independent. I really admire that!

Her organization is very similar to what my friends are doing at YGAP . They’re also a non-profit organization for young Asian professionals based in LA. They constantly have fun and interesting events. If you’re interested to meet other people or networking for your business, go check them out!