Foreigners in Taiwan

Lately I’ve been hooked on reading blogs written by foreigners living in Taiwan again. It’s very interesting to read other people’s views about Taiwan. When I was living there, there were a lot of customs and traditions that I never pay attention to, but to those foreigners, these things can be strange or abnormal. Many things they mentioned include: toilet paper is not in rolls but in sheets, public bathroom tend to use squat toilet, people can just ran a red light while the police standing idly next to it, the burning paper money mania each month….etc. Sometimes they even know more about the culture, history and politics than I do.

Below are several web pages/blogs I found interesting:

Michael Turton’s Teaching English In Taiwan Web Page
This guy has been living in Taiwan since 1989 and has married a Taiwanese with with 2 kids. He really knows a lot about Taiwanese culture and life style. His words are very honest and harsh, but they’re so true. I think we all have this hate/love feeling toward Taiwan. We complain about it’s negative aspects (traffic, pollution,politics…etc.) , but still love to go back to visit, or even move back to experience its exciting life style & great food. Don’t be too offended by his website. He’s only writing these information for other foreigners who want to teach English in Taiwan, to tell them that Taiwan isn’t an exotic Asian heaven where they can make lots of money from. In reality, Taiwan also has many social problems and different living situation that they have to face, just like in many other countries.
This Canadian woman living in Yuan-lin takes such wonderful pictures of Taiwan. I could never imagine seeing Taiwan with such beautiful views.

Poagao’s Journal
I think I posted his website before. But this guy has been living in Taiwan a long time too, even became citizen and served his military duty. He published a book about his military experience in Taiwan. It was really interesting. He takes cool pictures too.

A note to myself: I really should’ve been studying for GRE instead of reading all these blogs. With GRE coming in a month, I don’t even think I’m half as prepared……man..I’m such a slacker!