[Monterey Park] Yun Chuan Garden 雲南過橋園

301 N. Garfield Ave. #D
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(626) 571-8387

I have heard so many people recommended this restaurant online. Last Saturday, both J and I didn’t know where to go for lunch. We decided to give this place a try.

在網路上聽過許多人推薦這家餐廳, 今天中午和J出來時想不出來要吃什麼, 他便建議去試試看這家餐廳.

This restaurant is pretty small. They don’t have much decoration. It looks more like a family style Chinese restaurant. But it seems pretty popular. When we got there before 12, there were already lots of people in the restaurant.

雲南過橋園位於Monterey Park的一個小商業中心裡. 12點還不到, 餐廳裡面已經有許多人了. 餐廳裡面沒什麼擺設, 感覺像一個小小的家庭式餐廳. 餐廳前頭有一個小小的檯子裝滿各式各樣的小菜, 客人可以直接去點菜, 也可以打包帶走.

I ordered their house specialty Yunnan noodle (過橋米線). I didn’t know what Yunnan noodle looks like. I thought it’s like the thin noodle in “oh-ya mian sien” (Taiwanese oyster noodle). After the waiter brought the food to the table, I realized Yunnan noodle is quite similar to pho noodle except it’s much thinner. But it taste pretty much like pho because they’re both made of rice.

菜單上面有許多選項. 我就點了雲南招牌過橋米線. 米線到底是什麼, 我從來沒吃過. 本來以為是像麵線一樣的細麵條, 上菜以後, 才知道米線是一種介於粿條與麵線中間寬度的麵條, 但一樣是米作成的. 吃起來和粿條差不多.

20071222-Yunnan 01

The waiter first brought the soup and the noodle and other ingredients separately. Then she poured the meat and the noodles into the big pot of hot soup in front of us. Why did they do that? I figured it was because they didn’t want the noodle to become too soggy.

服務生端菜出來時, 湯和其他菜料是分開放的. 端到我們桌上, 才在我們面前把肉片麵條一起倒進滾燙的湯裡面. 為什麼要這樣做? 我猜是不想讓麵泡在湯裡面太久而變得糊糊的.

I really loved this Yunnan noodle. The soup wasn’t too greasy and it tasted so yummy. The meat was cooked very tender as well. The portion was really big. I haven’t have much appetite due to my stomach flu few days ago. But I surprisingly finished most of the noodles by myself.

過橋米線果然名不虛傳, 湯頭十分鮮美可口, 不油膩, 肉片也煮得很嫩. 而且份量超大份的. 這幾天本來因為生病而胃口不佳, 今天竟然破天荒地吃完大部分的麵.

J ordered dumpling soup. I really liked their dumplings. They filled the dumplings with ground meat and they tasted so good that I had to steal some of J’s dumplings.

J點了一份上湯餛飩. 他們的餛飩是我吃過最好吃的餛飩. 餛飩裡面真材實料, 肉吃起來鮮美多汁, 湯頭也很清淡爽口, 結果我吃了我的過橋米線還不夠, 偷了幾塊J的餛飩過來吃!

20071222-Yunnan 02

They also had another table of small Yunnan dishes in front. Customers could order those small dishes up there and bring them to the table or pack them home. Most of the dishes were spicy and I don’t eat spicy food. We tried one marinated meat, beef tongue and one unknown veggie dish. They were all way too salty. Even when I “washed” them in the soup, they still tasted pretty salty. I didn’t like those dishes at all.

我們另外也點了一些小菜, 但我不曉得雲南菜大部分都是辣的. 我不吃辣, 有很多小菜我都不敢吃. 最後點了醃肉, 牛舌及一道不知名的青菜, 結果都太鹹了, 泡在湯裡面洗過, 吃起來還是鹹鹹的, 我不是很喜歡.

After this experience, I know Yun Chuan Garden is famous for a reason. They’re pretty cheap too. Our bill came out to be total of $16. This is super cheap for me since I live in West Los Angeles. They also have another branch in Hacienda Heights. Do give this place a visit if you like noodles.

雲南過橋園果然是名不虛傳, 而且價錢十分便宜. 我們點這幾道菜下來帳單也只有$16. 這對住在西洛杉磯的我來說真是超級便宜的. 怪不得網路上這麼多人推薦. 他們另外在Hacienda Heights也開了一家分店.大家有空可以去吃看看.

Rating : A+
Price: $