[Culver City] Yokohama Japanese Restaurant

3857 Overland Ave.
Cuver City, CA 90232
(310) 202-7062

I invited my friend Fiona to dinner on Tuesday evening. When she asked me where we should go eat, I had a tough time thinking of which restaurant to go.

昨天晚上邀朋友Fiona一起出去吃晚餐, 想著要選附近哪一家餐廳比較好, 想了半天竟然都想不出任何餐廳,

Why is it that there are hundreds of restaurants in West LA, and I always saw many interesting restaurants when I drive by, but whenever I have to think of a place, I couldn’t remember anything good?

每次都是這樣, 周圍幾百家餐廳, 每次經過什麼看起來不錯的餐廳, 就想著下回要去試試, 但是等到要選餐廳時, 卻老是想不出任何東西.

Finally, I went on Citysearch and found this Yokohama Japanese Restaurant nearby, which seems to have good reviews online.

最後, 我上citysearch隨便找找附近有什麼可吃的, 隨便選了這家Yokohama日本料理店, 網路上的評論都還滿不錯的, 離我家也很近, 便決定去這家.

After we located the restaurant, then I realized it’s right next to a Brazilian BBQ place that I went to last time. I even remembered I passed by this Japanese restaurant and thought about coming back to try it sometimes. What a coincidence that I would find this place online!

找到了餐廳以後, 才發現原來這家餐廳就藏在附近的Ralph及Bally商場裡面, 上回來吃隔壁一家巴西自助料理, 經過這家餐廳, 還想著說下回來吃吃看, 過沒幾天便忘得一乾二淨, 沒想到竟然能夠在網路上面找到評論!

The restaurant seemed small on the outside, but the room was actually pretty spacious. It could fit about 20 tables inside. There weren’t that many people when we first went in, but later on the restaurant was packed with customers. I guess it was because there wasn’t that many good Japanese restaurant selections in this area. That was why everyone came to this place to enjoy good sushi!

餐廳外表看起來不起眼, 裡面還挺寬敞地, 能夠擺二十來桌左右. 剛進去時沒什麼人, 稍晚一點竟然坐滿了人, 可能附近沒什麼日本餐廳好選, 住這邊的人都跑到這家來享受好吃的壽司.

This place is owned by Koreans. A few people online criticized that Koreans cannot make authentic sushi! To me, it doesn’t matter. They do have a lot of California roll types of sushi, instead of sashimi. Since I don’t eat sashimi or anything raw, this place offers great sushi roll selections to me. They also have other dishes such as tempura, udon, or dinner combo box.

這家店很明顯是韓國人開的日本店, 網路上有人批評韓國人做的壽司不夠正統, 我倒是覺得ok. 他們的壽司選擇挺多的, 尤其有許多沒有包生魚片的壽司, 對於我這個不吃生魚片, 只愛吃加州酪梨卷的人來說真是太好啦! 另外還有套餐, 烏龍麵等其他選擇.

Both Fiona and I don’t eat a lot. We only ordered a small shrimp tempura as appetizer, and two sushi rolls.

我們兩個女生都是吃不多的人, 只點了兩個壽司卷, 及一小盤炸蝦來吃.

This is our shrimp tempura. Fiona thought they used bread crumbs instead of the regular tempura crumb to fry the shrimp. I couldn’t tell the difference. I just thought the shrimp tempura was pretty hot and crispy. The bread skin was thicker than usual, but it still tasted pretty good.

我們的炸蝦, Fiona吃起來覺得不像是用一般炸蝦粉去炸的, 比較像是麵包粉, 我倒是吃不出來有什麼差別, 只是覺得剛炸出來熱熱脆脆的, 皮厚了點, 但還是很好吃.

White Lobster Roll – with lobster, masago and rice. Fiona thought it tasted very different from regular sushi with seaweed paper. She didn’t like the masago so she had a hard time removing all of them. I loved the crispy skin and the lobster though.

White Lobster Roll – 內含龍蝦及魚蛋, 外皮炸得酥酥脆脆地, Fiona是覺得跟一般包海苔皮的壽司吃起來大不相同, 但還是滿好吃.

BBQ Roll- We figured since we’re in a Korean store, we might as well ordered some Korean BBQ. The meat tend to fall out of the sushi roll when we ate it. It tasted just like eating Korean short rib with rice. They even gave us some extra short ribs at the side. Not too bad.

BBQ Roll-想說在韓國人店裡, 能夠吃到正宗韓國烤肉卷應該挺有意思的. 便點來試試看. 吃的時候肉都會掉出來, 嚐起來就好像是排骨肉配飯一樣的感覺. 他們還多送幾塊肉放在一盤, 還不錯

Yokohama’s sushi rolls weren’t the best I tried, but they were not too bad either. Their sushi roll prices averages from $6-7 up to $11-12. Service wasn’t too bad either. The waitress kept on coming by to add tea and asked us how was the food. Overall, I would give this place a B+.

這家店的壽司不是我吃過最好吃, 但也不會到難以下嚥的程度. 一道壽司卷 從6,7塊美金到十幾塊不等, 價錢算平均. 服務生也有過來一直加水, 問候好不好吃, 整體來講, 不是太糟,

Rating: B+
Price: $$

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