[Hollywood] Trastevere Ristorante Italiano

6801 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 423
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 962-3700

My Bay Area church friend Julie came down to LA this week for work. She stayed at the Radisson Hotel nearby the Hollywood/Highland Center. She called me up on Tuesday and asked to meet up with me. I thought since she was so close to the mall, we might as well go to a restaurant inside. So we picked this Trastevere Italian restaurant for our dinner.

我北加州的教會朋友Julie因為工作的關係, 最近來到LA, 住在Hollywood/Highland附近的Radisson Hotel. 正好就在Hollywood/Highland Center的旁邊.  Julie約我出來吃飯. 我想說離Mall這麼近, 乾脆就到裡面去隨便找一家餐廳吃飯. 於是我們便決定來Trastevere義大利餐廳一起吃晚餐.

Trastevere had another branch at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. I went there several times before. I really liked their food and their interior decoration is pretty classy. Price isn’t too bad either. It’s a good restaurant for date or to hang out.

Trastevere在Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade 也有一家店, 我很久以前便去吃過好幾次. 一直都很喜歡他們的食物, 店裡的裝潢也算高級, 價錢也算中等, 是約會的好去處.

I came to their Hollywood branch last year for my bachelorette party. The space inside is pretty spacious. They also have outside patios that you can sit to enjoy people watching.

這家Hollywood分店我去年來過一次和朋友辦派對. 店裡面空間滿大的, 有兩人桌適合男女朋友一起來, 也可以合併成大桌子給人多一點的團體坐. 另外也有幾張桌子擺在餐廳外面, 很適合天氣好的時候坐, 可以一邊吃飯一邊觀看四周逛街的人潮.

They happened to have a private party in the restaurant on Tuesday night. So we got to sit outside in the outdoor area. We chose a table right next to the railing. Looking down from the 3rd floor, we could see little children playing at the water fountain in the courtyard.

今天餐廳裡面正好有人包下來辦派對, 只剩下外面的座位可以坐, 我們選了一個靠欄杆的座位, 從三樓向下俯瞰, 還可以看到樓下一群小孩繞著中庭噴水池玩耍.

They have many choices in their menu. From appetizers, soup, salad, to main entree, everything looks so good from the description. I especially love their pastas with white creamy sauce. I never like the sour taste of tomato sauce. So I always go for the white creamy sauce pasta.

義大利餐廳想當然而有比薩, 義大利麵等東西, 他們的選項還滿多的, 從前菜, 沙拉, 湯, 到主食等等, 選擇都很多. 我每次來都一定選吃沾有白奶油醬的義大利麵, 不曉得為什麼, 我不喜歡番茄醬的酸味道. 所以有任何白奶油醬汁的麵我都很愛吃.

Unlike usual, I ordered a Risotto agli Asparagi that day. With creamy sauce and parmesan cheese, this dish was really delicious. Their portion was pretty big too. I had to bring back half of my dinner home.

今天和往常不同, 點了一道Risotto agli Asparagi, 蘆筍雞肉義大利米飯. Risotto和一般亞洲人吃的白米不大一樣, 它的顆粒較大, 吃起來比較滑潤. 配上白奶油醬及起司, 吃起來更是美味爽口.

Julie ordered Bolognese with penne pasta. Looked pretty good too. Julie則點了Bolognese, 番茄肉醬義大利麵, 他們的麵條還有三種選擇: Linguine (細麵條), Spaghetti(粗麵條),及Penne(中空通心麵). Julie點的是Penne. 看起來也很不錯.

Other than Chinese and Japanese cuisines, Italian cuisine is one of my favorite cuisines. I feel so lucky I live in West LA area, where there are so many good Italian restaurants nearby.

除了中式料理, 日本料理以外, 我最喜歡的就是義大利菜了. 幸好住在西洛杉磯這個地區, 周圍有不少好吃的義大利餐廳.

Rating: A
Price: $$